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Date:         Wed, 1 Feb 95  22:28:44 EST
Subject:      Nietzsche and Dostoevsky

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A quick scan of our library at the U of L produced two articles which seem to b
e along the lines of the paper you propose:

Stoeber, Michael. "Dostoevsky's devil: the will to power." In _The Journal of R
eligion_  Jan 1994, v74, n1, p26(19).  "A comparison of the perceptions of Frie
drich Nietzsche and Fyodor Dostoevsky regarding the primary will to power . . .
 The link between Dostoevsky's idea of the devilin his "Brother's Karamazov" a
nd Nietzsche's originate from Jacob Boehme's discourse on the will..."

Foster, John Burt Jr.  "Dostoevsky versus Nietzsche in the work of Andrey Bely
and Thomas Mann"  In _Mosiac_  Spring 1991, v24, n2, p109(21).  Apparently incl
udes criticism and interpretation of Dostoevsky's novel and Nietzsche's philoso
phy along with other interesting things.
Hope these are of use to you?

Jason P. Harris
University of Louisville



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