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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 17:00:30 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Music, Nietzsche, Rhythm

pardon me for inquiring, but what the fuck does it mean to consider 
Wagner as some kind of logical step further; as if Beethoven's Ode To Joy 
was a premise.  Do the people that make such naive claims as this know 
anything about music composition? I'll give you the oppurtunity to 
explain yourself here.  Differences are there, and of course 
historically, which I assume is all you'll say about it.  as far as the 
subtletyof the phrases and passages of either/or, are any of you in a 
position to make such claims, if so...start that is.
well we have haydn and then let's see, logically mozart, and oh yeah, 
beethoven...then wagner...then debussy...can't forget stravinsky...and oh 
yeah frank zappa, bungle...what is really going on here?
Why yes dear, a fine cabernet, nietzsche, sex, and847598413uhefjef
Does anyone on this list read music well enough to call wagner's music 
the next logical step?  I've studied composition for awhile; by what kind 
of terms are you claiming this?  Tonality?  Modality? Principles of Voice 
leading? Texture? Rythm? Cadences?
point being, where is the first analysis drawn?
Did any of you fathom the relevance of other music texts? that is, 
implicit in a single composition?

scholar ass slaves at it again....pretention, ostentation, 
condescension, are there subtleties here as well? 


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