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Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 23:28:55 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Are You Preapred?

The Problem:

                Most companies require a pre-employment drug test.
                If you are seeking employment, on probation, or in
                the military, you will have to take a drug test.  

Another Problem:

		Eating the wrong breakfast, or using certain over-the-
                counter pain relievers will falsely identify you as 
                a drug user.

The Real Problem:

		Public and private employers spend 1.2 billion
		dollars each year (1992 figures) on drug tests that 
		are unreliable and inaccurate.  Even hard working
		employees that do not use drugs are at risk.

                                 The Solution:


Know the Facts.

        Know what foods and over the counter medicines are routinely 
        mistaken for common illegal drugs.  Simply eating a poppy seed 
        bagel before a drug test can identify you as an opiate user.

        Know how long different illicit drugs can be detected in your 
        system.  Marijuana can be detected for more than a month if 
        nothing is done to conceal its use.

        Know the different types of drug tests, especially the ones
        you are likely to face.  GC/MS tests are almost impossible to 
        beat, but are seldom used.  The more common EMIT test is 
        much easier to fool -- if you know how.

Be Prepared!

        Know when the test is coming.  Do not use illicit drugs, or 
        ingest cross-reactive substances before the test.

        Clean your system of drug metabolites and cross-reactive 

        Drink plenty of water and urinate as often as possible before 
        the test.  Do NOT give them your first urine of the day!

Use Clean 'n Clear.

        Clean 'n Clear is a three phase system designed to Clean out 
        your body, so you will give Clear urine and Clear the test.

        The unique Clean 'n Clear Package includes:

             1.  Simple step-by-step instructions

             2.  All natural blood purifiers

             3.  All natural urine flow stimulators

             4.  Coloring vitamins to put 'yellow' back in your clear urine

             5.  Information you need about drug testing

             6.  A guarantee!

This is not a simplistic "tea" or golden seal approach to the problem!  
This amazing three phase system is guaranteed!

And not just guaranteed ...

We are so sure our unique three phase system will work for you
that we are including a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!

             Everyone has a friend who needs this information!
                      P R I N T    and    S A V E  ! !

      Be prepared.  Stop worrying now!  You will pass.  We guarantee it!!

             Order your guaranteed Clean 'n Clear package now by 
             sending $19.95 along with your name and address to:

                              Clean 'n Clear 
                        2809 East Hamilton Av #121D
                            Eau Claire, WI 54701

       Most companies require pre-employment drug screens.  You may only 
       have a few days notice of a drug test.  Be Prepared.  Order Now!

     ==================================================================               Sorry, Clean 'n Clear is not legal in Texas, 
                and will NOT be mailed to Texas addresses.

			Distributor inquires welcome.

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