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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 13:24:25 +0000
Subject: testing the waters

"  I was looking for echoes and all I heard was praise  "

					- ole Fred: the disappointed man spoke.

As I sit here now I must admit to being a new typeface on this 'ere internet 
thingy!!  Where I am, in Bolton (funnily enough the football team are "The
Wanderers"!!) I only know a handful of people ready, willing and able to talk
about "such things" as philosophy et c.  Though this is pretty good going my 
lust(?), thirst(?) whatever! still wants more...

So, it still remains for me to say what I am looking for...Well here goes!

Over the summer a friend lent me some books.  These were:-
			Castenada's  Teachings of Don Juan
		Fritjof Kapra's  Tao of Physics
		Tom Wolfe's  Electric cool-aid acid test(Phew!!!)
		James Gleik's  Chaos

On top of this I did my Degree in Philosophy and Art (combined studies: joint); am doing my MA in Contemporary European Critical theory; I am v interested in 
music,poetry....everything really.

Basically it is my opinion that all the above from modern physicists to Buddhists to acid-heads(et c) have too much in common to ignore and I am looking for like thinking people to connect with.

This is probably a lot to say in the space I've said it but I'm hungry so must go to feed...Motto of the moment:  "I'm an earthling: but even that's too nationalistic!!"

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