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Date: Mon, 19 Jan 98 19:22:34 PST
Subject: Re: Zarathustra---die bunte kuhe..

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> >An excuse to start with...for my poor english, i am dutch.
> >
> >About: Also sprach zarathustra; the name of the village were zarathustra
> >go's now and then, i believe it is called: die bunte kuhe...(.....cow)
> >(in dutch it is: de bonte koe), could it be that " the cow " metaphore--
> >means: " the world"--"humankind"?...i saw this explaination in a book
> >about:"the zarathushtra" from 1000 years bc...the wise man zara. uses
> >cow this way.
> _Die bunte kuhe_, or "The Dappled Cow"? Or "The Many-Colored Cow"? Do you
> remember where this is in Z.? The reference would seem to be to the human
> "herd." Zarathustra descends to the level of the human herd to teach it a
> new goal: Eubie the Mensch.

If memory serves, Kaufmann translated it as "the motley cow".

D. Alex Neilson
The California Ubermench

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