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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 16:22:34 -0500
Subject: Re: Nietzsche and Darwin Again

I agree with Robert Switzer that it would be reductionist thinking to
believe that replication, or DNA merely replicating, or... merely living to
eat (art, for example, has no "function", really, but it was clearly
important to Nietzsche, and his influence in aesthetics has been enormous)
is what Nietzsche is about.

Like Jesus said, perhaps:

We eat to live.
But we don't live to eat.

It is important, however, to note that part of Darwin's challenge, which we
see in mutations and ever new "plagues" (as Albert Camus titled a novel--
and Camus died with a copy of _The Gay Science_ in his car accident)-- is
to adapt, to struggle, to find new ways in, both of connecting with an
open, not closed, system-- which is biology in its highest sense of the
word-- as well as what I will dare to call religion, or:

The Will to CARE..............

        ---Randall Albright

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