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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 14:41:55 -0500
Subject: Some GAY Science For you...

First of all, glad to see this list is still alive and kicking...


You need some rust; sharpness does not suffice:
Else you will seem to young and too precise:

Or how about 279, in Book Four:
It's titled *Star Friendship********
And the description isn't exactly romantic, is it? Or is it?

Where did Richard Wagner go wrong? Try 99 of Book Two, where he warns that
Wagner made a few mistakes. One was in misinterpreting the characters that
he had created, and in misunderstanding his *own* philosophy in art! The
other was that he let himself be "led astray" by Hegel. (William James
warned against this!) And........

Book Two, 92, has some interesting things to say about "prose and poetry"...

Here's a good one in Book Three:

He is envious; let us hope that he will not have children, for he would
envy them because he cannot be a child anymore.

Or 370, in Book Five, "What is romanticism?"

Here he at least lists Hume Kant, Condillac, and the "sensualists" of the
eighteenth century, although not really saying if he loved them,
explicitly... how he reinterpreted German music to have it "signify" (any
old Semioticians out there?) "a Dionysian power of the German soul"
(although, of course, we know that Fred was very ANTI-nationalistic...)

MOB paranoia from Fred: 116-17, Book Three, "Herd instinct" and "Herd remorse".

115 also is good on "the four errors":

1) seeing ourselves incompletely
2) endowing ourselves with fictitious attributes
3) placing ourselves above animals and nature
4) inventing "ever new tables of goods and always accepted them for a time
as eternal and unconditional..."

Removing the effects of these four errors, however, is... disastrous, too!

I've been re-reading "Birth of Tragedy" the last few days. And always keep
_Thus Spoke Zarathustra_ and _A Nietzsche Reader_ on my primary bookshelf.
But there's something so *clear* about _The Gay Science_...

By the way, does anyone know where Nietzsche, at least at one point of his
life, said that Emerson was one of only four authors of the 19th century
that he admired? I saw it somewhere, thumbing through a bookstore a year or
two ago, but can't find it again. Wish everything were on CD-ROM for
Hypertext at times like this!

        ---Enchantee (wish I could accent the last "e" but this is platform

                ---Randall Albright

P.S. -- Out of the Big Three, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, I must say that
Nietzsche is the one that holds up best for me. Georges Bataille was a big
fan, too. And Barthes.

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