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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 22:14:09 EDT
Subject: Re: Jesus of The Antichrist

I shouldn't be so flip.  It's been years since I studied this.  I was just
surprised that Nietzsche admired Dostoevsky--that the time frame would even
work that way.  I assumed Fred had trickled down to the Russians--provincials
like us Texans. (EG,This group made me want to read the caped crusader, but Z
is not available at the Waco Public!) Also, it does seem to me that Dostoevsky
lavishes a great deal of his irony on Nietszcheans, Raskolnikov, Pyotr
Verkhovensky and certainly Kirilov.  In context, The Grand Inquisitor, for
example-- view from intellectual Ivan-- is contrasted with the sensualist
bro--guys just wanta have fun--sort of Schiller sense of play as salvation.
So I think it's remarkable that Nietzsche was generous enough to admire
Dostoevsky--apparently a critic of his in a way.

On the other hand, maybe Schiller was influenced by Nietszche?  The joy, play
idea--isn't that one of N's themes at times?  I don't know much about German
cultural history.  I did just read that the 19th Century was all a reaction
against Kant.  How much truth is there in that in ref to N?

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