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> I mean the Ubermensch is a faith of sorts, too, right?  Itís the belief that
> after The Death of Godíníman, there may be A New World Order or at least a
> World of New Orders(Siegheil!?)?
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  Faith has nothing to do with the Ubermensch. Nietzsche does not has Zarathustra
proclaim his 'faith' in the future coming of the Ubermensch. Instead, he proclaims

that his will, his goal, is to end himself, to trascend Man, so that the
becomes. Nietzsche will have us ( or at least, those among us who have the power
to do so)
actively pursuing the goal of bringing the Ubermensch into the world.

Maybe this is why Nietzsche's Ubermensch is not very palatable for most people. It
requires more
than hoping or having faith in an utopic state of salvation that will be achieved
by some mystical procedure.
Instead speaking to us softly and seducingly about how we are in fact  'made in
the image of God'; instead of
telling us that our present imperfect state is the result of a terrible original
sin, Nietzsche forces us
to face the fact that we are not the pinnacle of creation. As man rids himself of
his imperfections he ceases
to be man, becoming in fact the Ubermensch. This is not a process of faith, but of


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