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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:39:16 EDT
Subject: Re: The Higher man vs Overman

Gill writes:

> Dear anyone...
>  I have just recently become interested in Nietzsche because of what seems
>  to be his belief (although I hesitate to use the word belief) that
>  individuals do have the power to really change themselves, become something
>  different by altering their individual views about life, thus finally
>  altering theirmanifest selves.
>  I am very ignorant, but power to change does interest me - this may be an
>  erroneous view of N - I'm not sure
>  Can anyone recommend some good beginning literature on or by N.?
>  Thankyou, Gill
NIETZSCHE: A CRITICAL LIFE, by Ronald Hayman, Oxford Univ. Press, 1980, is a
very good biography and critical survey of his works.  As for Nietzsche's own
books, I would start with BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL.


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