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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:34:09 EDT
Subject: Re: thought thoughts

In a message dated 9/23/98 9:44:04 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

<< Where, I ask you, do I speak about or even allude to an absolute
 definition of art? >>

Well, you wrote--

<<Nietzsche says the difference between good and bad writers>>  

Aren't we supposed to be beyond good and bad?

Thanks for your clarification of the purpose of a  listserve as follows:

<<All Nietzsche did - (but then I guess nobody is going to
 help out here by giving the correct quote, ah what is a list for anyway)>>

Not only am I just beginning to read Nietzsche, but this is the first
list.serv I've ever been on.  I sent to for
instructions and archives, but I never got a response.  I had no idea a
list.serv was only about scholars exchanging quotations, as you suggest,
cornet.  Remarkably inappropriate to Nietzsche, I'd say.  

But then in your original posting you treat us to a lengthy report of your
personal theory of good writing--as opposed to degenerate humanism--and the
various references to Nietzsche smell very much like appeals to "authority."

<<What Nietzsche says makes a lot of sense I think: as a reader one doesn't
want to be bothered with the writer's personal and all too private
motivations and considerations. We don't want to know what's going on in
the kitchen, we just want to eat. The 'I' is not what concerns us, it's the
'more I than I'>>

Also I am struck by the words "self-evident" -- 

<<So here I'm stuck with two examples in art that make Nietzsche's saying a
lot less self-evident>>

As for me, I'm trying to get an overview of Nietzsche's ideas to place in
context my beginning reading, but I'm beginning to understand that only
opinions originating from the right perspective may be brought up for
discussion--refutation even!  Where have I met with this attitude before?  

You ask, <<What's wrong with you? >>  

Right as usual, oh chosen one. But it's not inhibitions, darlin'.  As a matter
of fact I'm about to have Rosemary's Baby--a real life decision--and I think
Nietzsche may hold the clues as to whether I really want to abort, fail or
retry.  Diaper or drown it?  So I was hoping to get some input fast from you
N-experts--crash course, cliff notes--because the due date is in October!!  


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