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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:23:34 -0500
Subject: Re: The Higher man vs Overman

>Dear anyone...
>I have just recently become interested in Nietzsche because of what seems
>to be his belief (although I hesitate to use the word belief) that
>individuals do have the power to really change themselves, become something
>different by altering their individual views about life, thus finally
>altering theirmanifest selves.
>I am very ignorant, but power to change does interest me - this may be an
>erroneous view of N - I'm not sure
>Can anyone recommend some good beginning literature on or by N.?
>Thankyou, Gill

Nietzsche describes all of his works in Ecce Homo, start here. This is the
last book that he wrote and though it is difficult to understand, it is
where his philosophy lies.  It also was written to correct any errors that
people have read into his philosophy.  I think that even people on this list
should re-read Ecce Homo.  Once you have read that, I would suggest
Zarathustra.  As far as secondary sources go, to be honest, I really haven't
read any great ones. I fundamentally disagree with most of them, but alas I
am a warrior.
Good luck

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