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Subject: RE: Truth and the enahncement of the quality of life
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:49:43 PST

That's right, even thought Nietzsche despised Christianity he also despised 
the alcoholic and decadent life. He despised not Christ but the followers of 
Christ who oppsosed what Christ preached, health, strength, will, love and 
not what the christians preach which is totally opposite to life

>From: Michal Klincewicz <>
>Subject: RE: Truth and the enahncement of the quality of life
>Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 12:13:12 -0500 (EST)
><Daniel wrote>
>The will to power has nothing to do with truth it is
>about life and in some strange way that is the highest truth, but the point
>is to leave logic and reason out of the equation and place instinct as the
>highest priority against them.
>Nietzsche objects to Christianity, since it denies the value of the
>instincts, which are based in part on the physical world.  Instinct is a
>product of the body and the mind (Nietzsche does not see them separately).
>Christianity solely wants to concentrate on the mind.  So Christianity is
>life-denying, because it does not include the physical and devalues it
>through its teachings.
>Right. The rest of your presentation was nice as well, but... what do you
>mean when you say instinct? For some reason I have this overpowering
>intuitive feeling that Nietzsche never mentions that at all. The Dionesian
>will to get intoxicated, to dance on tables, or to engage in some sort of
>debauchery is not necessarily instinctual. As far as 'instinct', for
>Nietzsche it is probably not the same as the Dionesian (the partner of
>Appolonian) aspect of human nature and it seems to me that N. was an
>advocate of a _balance_ between the Appolonian and the Dionesian.  He was
>not an advocate of a 'Dionesian' lifestyle. N. lashed out against
>Christianity, amongst other reasons, because he observed the lack of this
>equilibrium in Christian dogma and its practitioners.  I seriously doubt
>that N. held Christinity in contempt because Christians were reasonable and
>logical people. But maybe I am wrong and you meant something else?
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