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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 15:02:01 -0800
Subject: Re: USA knows better or knew better

Have you read Ayn Rand`s "For the new intellectual"?
The parallels ( and incompatibilities) with Nietzsche
may amuse you.
Juan Cruz wrote:

> And Fredrich said that the Germans could be something greater but a lot of
> things corrupted them and turned them away from their goal or to be a great
> nation or the most powerful nation in the world. But (alcohol, beer,
> idealism in the education system, christianism) and more things which we
> don't have control of turned them away from being great. USA has a lof of
> alcohol but with more strict rules, USA's Political Philosophers and
> policy-makers know better or knew better with regards to the killing-power
> effect of alcohol.
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> >Subject: Re: Truth and the enahncement of the quality of life
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> >Didn't N. say that the last Christian died on the cross.  N. hatred starts
> >with St. Paul because he made guilt the basis of Christianity not the
> >miraculous "son of God" attitude which Christ preached. In another sphere
> >Kaufmann says that the 'Blond Beast' was not Aryan but beer which the
> >German
> >youth of his time were wasting their time.
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