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Subject: Re: will to power
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 18:41:56 -0000

I'm newish to this mailing list - ive been silently sitting by the side
I'm really interested in Nietzsche - as would be gathered by the fact that I
subscribe to this mailing list - in particular, I'm interested in applying
his work to my own research in social theory and the sociology of religion.
As I said, I'm interested in Ns ideas and have read both the sources and a
few commentaries, however I'm stumped on one issue - the Will To Power.
As far as I'm aware N is saying all attempts to truth are a reflection of
WTP - the question then is therefore is this a version of the 'liar's
paradox', i.e. Nietzsche the philosopher of the WTP saying that the WTP is
basis of all forms of truth?
I'm also interested in his argument in BGE about willing 'untruth' and the
relationship of truth to instinct. by this is he meaning that he doesn't
object to Christianity because its 'wrong' as such but because its life
negating in some way.
I hope this email doesn't appear that I'm trying to get someone else to do
'hard work' for me - I'm just interested in what people's comments/ideas
might be.

John Walliss
Dept of Sociological Studies,
University of Sheffield,

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