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Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 19:07:36 +0900
Subject: Re: Japanese Translations

William Murphy <> wrote:

> Any information on what attempts have been made at translating 
> Nietzsche's work to Japanese would be greatly appreciated.

Though I can't understand what you intend to do,  I inform you what I can give.
There are three Japanese versions of his complete works, old and new ones. Perhaps the oldest one is unavailable. You must go to a library in Japan. Older one is now available in paper back (based on Kroners Taschenausgabe).  The newest one is based on the version below. (Je ne comprends pas du tout l'allemand.)

Kritische Gesamtausgabe von Nietzsches Werken, hg. von Giorgio Colli und Mazzino Montinari.

To everybody

I want to know about the free digital version of Nietzsch's work. Please tell me anything about it. I want to read once more his works in English or French for poring over them.


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