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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 10:10:26 +0500
Subject: Re: Question..

Michal Klincewicz wrote:
> I always had the feeling that the eternal recurrence constituted a
> Nietzschean cosmology/ethic. Please, bear with me on this.
> If time is to be assumed to be an indefinitely long series (a progression ad
> infinitum) then a return to an identical 'moment' is inevitable.
> Furthermore, an infinite number of these identical moments is contained in
> the indefinite series. This sounds like the eternal accurrance to me. I
> speculate that N. believed this to be the state of the cosmos, and
> consequently assumed that not only identical persons in identical
> circumstances will inevitably come about in it but that they will also do
> the same silly, sheepish things all over.  Thus, this cosmology constitutes
> a sort of an ethical prerogative to get a hold of one's 'self' and start to
> be self-creative. If every moment is infinite, then to do otherwise is
> grievious waste of time, hmm?
> Whaddaya think? I am just throwing some stones out there.
> -m

	That certainly interesting. However why do you say "inevitable" in the
first sentence ? I believe it is a description of the nature of the
cosmos and of time. But I am ignorant on why it all has to be inevtiable
if time is seen as "a progression ad infinitum".

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