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Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 18:01:56 +0200
Subject: Re: Nietzsche ist tot

James Kennedy wrote:

> Why don't you start the ball rolling. I'd very much like to engage of
> Nietzschean issues.
> jameske

   It seems to late, and I know I sound apathetic/pathetic... and I can't say
that I find myself convinced that any such commemorative effort should come
from ONLY the people that have read him thoroughly. Should it not come from a
society? A society which, in fact, is unfathomably indebted to Nietzsche. But
would he welcome praise from society?

  To fight alone, is something I admire. To fight alone, knowing that one is
viewed by others, I find meaningless...

  I am unsure, tired and sad by the whole atrocity. If only I was sure that
there in fact are others who mourn the loss as deeply as I do; who find
themselves somewhat aback after scouring Nietzsches works, when they find that
the end of this literate journey only existed as idea...

 How I yearn for the reevaluation of all values...

  But it died.

  I am sad, I am apathetic, I am... at the heart of it all... frightened, and
alone. Left in a mental world with no road to venture upon, except that which
I make myself.

  But, was that not what he wanted of us "Free Spirits"?

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