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Nietzsche is talking about alienation. About a kind of man that is
complementary to the masses. It is a precondition that the masses must exist
for there to be a modification of Dasman. I don't see that Nietzsche is a
bully for stating this. I am interested to know why you think that the quote
you make is an example of Nietzsche's bullying nature. He is certainly not
inferring that Overman rule as a tyrant over the masses.

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> Nietzsche writes:
> "The production of a synthetic, summarising, justifying man for whose > existence this transformation  of mankind into a machine is a > precondition, as a base on which he can invent his higher form of being" > (WP:866)
> In the face of the above, how does one justify the claim that Nietzsche > was not into bullying, domination etc.?  Surely transforming mankind > into a machine treats mankind as an instrument of production - dominated > and bullied into service? 
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> Peter
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