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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 16:38:28 +0200
Subject: Re: Nietzsche ist tot

James Kennedy wrote:

> Hi Syphon,
> I don't understand. Can you describe this revolution? When it occured etc...
> If you are speaking metaphorically then could you describe what you mean in
> a more literal sense for my benefit. I merely wish to understand the
> perspective from which you are coming.
> jameske

   'Revolution' of course is too strong a term. Evolution would be more fitting.
But times pre- and post- Nietzsche are in deed quite revoltive in their
differences. We now posess a great deal of individual freedom, which we
squander. Also the value-system has been equally individualized. Actually, we
are living in a world of quite rabit perspectivism, to use a pun of sorts. Yet,
despite all these superficial signs of 'the revolution' it has not occured.
Humanity is still bound by it's profound fear of knowing itself, of using
psychology on itself. We can easily pick apart others, but how is it that we
cannot pick apart ourselves? Put ourselves in perspective... move BEYOND

   At what tree I am barking, I am not quite sure. Only thing I know is that the
more 'learned' I become, the less I am able to justify a claim for my 'own'

  But is there really anything wrong with being a hub, an annex for different
views? My only problem is that I am not one who enjoys being a reaction.

  Haakon G. Engen

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