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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 11:05:43 EDT
Subject: Re: Nietzsche ist tot

Forgive me for not lurking long enough to be sure of what I see you all 
thinking about N., but this post raised some questions for me.

>  How so? And are these times really any different fundamentally than when
>  Hesiod though he lived in the Age of Iron and somehow missed out on Golden
>  Age? When Nietzsche criticized modernity, did he not do so because the
>  masses would now be able to voice their resentment though democracy? The
>  Greeks practiced a true democracy, but they lacked resentment, so it might
>  be it is not democracy per se that N criticized, but the bitter, buzzing
>  masses who would fail to affirm the Ubermench, and they have from both the
>  left and the right, mostly because they are all so busy resenting the past.

1) What does "fundamentally" mean?  I'm serious.  I see our world now as 
vastly different from that of Hesiod, or Nietzsche's for that matter, so I 
need to know what 'fundamentally' means for you in order to understand your 

2) What is a true democracy?  For the Greeks, the historical Greeks, did not 
let slaves or women (the vast majority of their population) vote or own 
property.  The voters were free, who, relative to the swarming masses, had 
little resentment as the whole society was arranged for their benefit.  This 
is a societal condition N either ignores, or is unaware of, perhaps?  It's 
certianly a difference this post is glossing over.


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