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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 12:12:18 -0700
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At 11:18 AM 8/31/00 +0200, you wrote:
>  Mayhap have you a point, but the fact is, that the masses are rampant,
>is chains, and masks are worn no longer on the outside, but on the inside.
We are
>hiding from ourselves, our potential. 

That is because the purveyors of resentment our winning . . . for now.

>I do not feel the same was true of Hesiod,
>and his ilk. The masses are opiates for religion, destruction, and
decadence, I
>would say... But who am I to say that is bad. Let democracy exist all it
wants, so
>long as I have no part of it. What I fear the most is that I will find
that it is
>impossible to escape society. I yearn for alienation, something which has
>impossible, or nigh so. I wish to be the Ubermensch.... I can only do this

Oh, no, not I! What a terrible responsibility that would be. To not be as
sever as the Romans and force the people into creating some other world (or
push them farther into the false world they already need), or not to be so
lax as democracy is today. I don't have the instincts for the proper
balance and would probably cause more confusion than good. If I could be a
piece of the bridge to the Ubermench though . . .

>   You yearn for this lord of Man, do you not? Alas, I fear he can never be a
>universal term. I am far too much a solipsist for that.

Well, actually, not really. Though I would have no objections, playing the
game is enough for me at the moment. Experience and the affirmation of that
experience suits me at the moment. I do not live only for the hope of the
Overman, though at times I strive to discover for myself what it might mean.

>  Revolution, evolution.... see how the words seem alike... except that a
>revolution is going against evolution.... that's all I mean.. a little
pun, at
>best. But yes, we are fighting over stone tablets... neo-religion is on
the rise,
>as fanatic and flagellant as ever. A war cannot be won over that which
refuses to
>be defeated. Idealism, is neccessary, alas... and it hurts me to find that
N. does
>not agree... but then again, the pain of true convictions always sting... or
>rather... of true knowledge...

Ah, so your faith lies in evolution? This to me is another hope that the
world will be better some day, and the improvers of mankind may soon have
their way through genetic engineering, which might be the probable last
chapter in The Book of the Last Man.

>  The potential Ubermensch, is always decadent in nature, though, because
of his
>being laced by society... often raised by those lesser to him... The power is
>relative, the masses are doomed.

Agreed, but once again, I don't go for this doomed stuff. Our species is
strong and flexible and can adapt to all climates, and eventually conquer
them if need be, or live in harmony with them. We can be sure of one thing,
there is life, and though not perfect, few would prefer death.
>   Humanity is a reaction.... and thus is man. I yearn not to be, for I
see myself
>as quite inhuman. I wish to create, and destroy without the chains of past
ages. I
>facilitate it at times, alas the products are so subjective that I myself
am sole
>admirer of my work. I yearn to write a "Zeit und Sein"... the most
'active' book I
>have ever read. I wish to change the world, not through physical action, or
>democratic dabbling, but through drastic changes in perspective. And so I do,
>often. I am quite aside from society, alas, not free, but cornered, caged,
tied by
>ressentiment and pity by these masses. Of course, I can will the existence of
>these bonds out of existence, but to what an end, when I cannot be alone.
Even in
>a crowd I am not alone.
>  I wish not to react, when those I react upon makes me filthy, diseased, and

I do yearn for something: the day when nothing can make one "filthy,
diseased, and
weak," and not because the filth became clean, or the diseased were cured,
or the weak were all now strong, but because we simply will that filth,
disease and weakness cannot impede us. "I measure the strength of a human
being by the amount of disease one has overcome." -- or "a people by the
number of parasites it can withstand."


"As men's prayers are a disease of the will, so are their creeds a disease 
of the intellect" -- Ralph Waldo Emerson. 
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