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Subject: Re: Of the Three Metamorphoses

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<< what kind of critical posture is steeped in what it denounces?>>

Almost every critical posture. For example, one can easily find socialists 
who love "humanity" but are nasty and dismissive of the people in their 
immediate sphere. As Emerson (who N admired) said in Self-Reliance, "Thy 
charity abroad is spite at home." It is our own inner paradoxes that surfaces 
through these abstractions.

N's later writing was episodic, since he was in almost continual pain of one 
kind or another, and his writing can be seen as outburst of someone in pain. 
A portrait certainly, but hardly a systematic exposition, and hardly a 
politics, unless it be a politics of his own body. 

Rebecca makes a good point about the "third phenomena" mediating in "a single 
soul." It is in his personal applications, rather than the political 
extensions, that N strikes deepest.


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