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Subject: Re: Re: Of the Three Metamorphoses
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:47:47 -0000

I'm sorry to post this to the list, but could someone please provide step by step, detailed instructions for unsubscribing. I've been trying to remove myself from the list for quite some time. 

It's probably best to reply to me directly. 


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Date: 2/20/2002 (Pacific Standard Time)
Subject: Re: Of the Three Metamorphoses

Just to fill you in on some genealogy. Lamda.C's criticisms of base 'analphabetism' are aimed at my dyslexia. We have had many unpleasant exchanges where his argument  has been, basically, that my grammatical deficiencies rule me out of the world of thinking, as such. The last alteration included an accusation of faking the dyslexia because I had spellchecked the email! ( In less hostile environments I don't do this because it takes extra time). 

  Anyhow, in the hope that Lambda.C might lay off what is, in fact, a prime example of no-saying to the outside of his habitual sense making apparatus, I make the following remarks. I do not consider dyslexia a weakness. Not having an automatic sense of the grammatical order of things, I always see it as a set of interpretations and thus do not understand why it as constructed as chandala victomology. It is a disadvantage because I often do not sees word play in Nietzsche which require knowledge of several languages but I am quite able to consult colleagues who can see this. As a question of perspectivism, our respective kinds of seeing enrich what we see of Nietzsche rather than set up an infinite exchange of lackologies. I certianly do not believe in penis envy and, while I am critical of N regarding how gender is theorized in his allegorisations, do not evaluate in these terms. 

I am not prepared to get involved in another serires of unpleasant diatribes with Lamda.C on these issues but, once again, invite him , if he is able, to join in our debate without constructing all the participants as 'evil ones'!


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Subject: Re: Of the Three Metamorphoses

> Years, decades, centuries pass and the same petty, low-life idiot
arguments are
> made - in this case by the SAME stupid subjects - as if they once held
> Always the feminist, or the leftist, or the little fascist - Nietzsche's
> typology could not be right because of his resentment of...the Chandala in
> its forms, and above all as self-professed semi-literate analphabetism.

Thanks for the words of wisdom. It isn't really about ressentiment, however,
it is about the dualisms the SEEM to remain present in N's later thought. In
Z, he seems to try to overcome dualisms with the WP, but there is  a way in
which N reinforces dualism in BGE.

I say SEEM because maybe we are misreading him with ressentiful eyes.  There
are some problems in N. Even if these dualism are within each, posited more
as a continuum than as 'opposites,' the order of rank smells funny.  And it
ain't because it goes against 'equality.'

If one
> is distracted one might even come to believe in Freud's penis envy.  Hey,
> to post-modernity prostheses of all sorts are now available.  Can't you
> go play 'exhibit me and my reconciliations' on some more deserving anus
> If you can confuse resentment with rejection of all base values, you
should not
> open thy archenterons, oh infamous bitches.  Become anorexic by barfing
food not
> words!
there is no confusion here. N DOES posit in places the need to 'destroy'
base types, while acknowleding a need for a slavery class, he knows that
base natures will eat away at the 'peoples,' i.e. the goal of the overman.
The pathos of distance comes in here, but there still seems to be a way in
which N is unable to affirm the smallest man. And while a rejection of
values isn't the same as disgust with man, N does seem to exhibit a disgust
with man.

> Nietzsche
> PS - Fuck all masses, classes, races, majorities, parties, churches and
> communities.  Thought and desire are for the few and small.

i'm so glad that we have a 'higher man' in our presence.

Thank you.

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