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> When Nietzsche says "When you go to a woman, remember your whip", does he 
> say who will use it?

That was the Kaufmann translation. Scholars have examined the original proofs 
and after extensive analysis have concluded that the text should read and 
translate as:

"When you go to a woman, remember your Whippet." 

This graceful dog, somewhat like a Greyhound or Borzoi, is described by the 
American Kennel Club as "A medium size sighthound giving the appearance of 
elegance and fitness, denoting great speed, power and balance without coarseness. 
A true sporting hound that covers a maximum of distance with a minimum of lost 
motion. Should convey an impression of beautifully balanced muscular power 
and strength, combined with great elegance and grace of outline. Symmetry of 
outline, muscular development and powerful gait are the main considerations; the 
dog being built for speed and work, all forms of exaggeration should be 

Avoiding exaggeration,


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