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Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 12:32:15 EST
Subject: Re: wise cracks and gender stereotypes

In a message dated 11/5/2003 6:08:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

>  are these your little truths made 
> into general platitudes? ....
> if your taste is for 'whippet wise cracks' then so it 'is'. there are 
> one or two more interesting noisy dogs in Z though?

Backtrack my whippet wisecrack and you'll see another poster's Sadean 
punchline precedes it. 
(-Why do you hang around with that Sadist? 
-Dunno, beats me.)

Also not my little truths or general platitudes but points of discussion -- 
isn't cruelty a special province of the weak, a way for the weak (whoever they 
are) to compensate for being less powerful? 

Indeed, Z has his share of canine moments -- firedogs, dead dogs, wild dogs 
whining from cellars, dogs transforming into other creatures, and dogs who envy 
and hate the wolf. At one point, I believe, N compares the wind to a dog.


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