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Subject: Q: 1 Aphorism / Poem
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 22:28:24 -0500


If you could isolate (at least) one aphorism or poem of Nietzsche’s that
served as a corroboration, had lasting effect, or was specifically
internalized, that influenced or altered your life, what would it be?

After initially submerging myself in much of Nietzsche’s writing--which
served as a large buoy in a raging tempest--one quote still stands out,
which might be relevant to others who are quite independent:

[Daybreak 484] 
"One’s own path"--If we take the decisive step and enter upon the path
which is called our ‘own path’, a secret is suddenly revealed to us: all
those who have hitherto been our friends and familiars have imagined
themselves superior to us, and are now offended.  The best of them are
lenient with us and wait patiently for us soon to find our way back to the
‘right path’--they know, it seems, what the right path is!  The others
resort to mockery and act as though one had become temporarily insane, or
they make spiteful allusions to the person they suppose to have misled us. 
The more malicious declare us to be vain fools and seek to blacken our
motives, while the worst former friend of all sees in us his worst enemy
and one thirsting for revenge for a protracted dependence--and is afraid of
us.--What are we to do?  My advice is: to inaugurate our sovereignty by
promising all our acquaintances a year’s amnesty in advance for all their

 Although this quote is still in my thoughts, it has been many years now. 
The amnesty he afforded his mother and sister ultimately placed his sister
in the position to work her dubious wonders.


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