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Subject: PLC: Toc: Boudary 2

Boundary 2.                                     
Fall 1997 v 24 n 3

AU Dirlik, Arif
AU Xudong, Zhang
TI Introduction: Postmodernism and China.

AU Ning, Wang
TI The Mapping of Chinese Postmodernity.

AU Liao, Ping-Hui
TI Postmodern Literary Discourse and Contemporary Public Culture in Taiwan.

AU Lu, Sheldon Hsiao-Peng
TI Global POST modernIZATION: The Intellectual, the Artist, and China's

AU Kang, Liu
TI Popular Culture and the Culture of the Masses in Contemporary China.

AU Xiaoming, Chen
TI The Mysterious Other: Postpolitics in Chinese Film.

AU Tang, Xiaobing
TI Melancholy against the Grain: Approaching Postmodernity in Wang Anyi's Tales
of Sorrow

AU Larson, Wendy
TI Women and the Discourse of Desire in Postrevolutionary China: The Awkward
Postmodernism of Chen Ran.

AU Liao, Chaoyang
TI Borrowed Modernity: History and the Subject in A Borrowed Life.

AU Yiwu, Zhang
TI Postmodernism and Chinese Novels of the Nineties.

AU Arac, Jonathan
TI Chinese Postmodernism: Toward a Global Context.

AU Jinhua, Dai
TI Imagined Nostalgia.

AU Mingxian, Wang
TI Notes on Architecture and Postmodernism in China.

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