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plitcritters, be informed. Sounds like our kinda stuff here, be or not one
a devotee of Herr Bloom.

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>Subject: [H-BLOOM] Western Canon University ( The Online
> Renaissance
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>                  FEATURED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES:
>Sign aboard the online renaissance and join over 15,000 bibliophiles and
>intellectuals from around the watery globe.
>         Western Canon University is now seeking tutors:
>           Join the world's greatest conversation:
>>From the Bible, to Nietzsche, to Christianity, to Postmodernism, to Jane
>Austen, to Shakespeare, we're conversing about all aspects of literature,
>philosophy, and religion as we continue to lead the online literary
>revolution.  We challenge you to differentiate between philosophy,
>literature, and religion.  It has yet to be done.
>           "Simply unprecedented."-- THE NEW YORK TIMES
>                 The WWW Literary Renaissance
>                       THE JOLLY ROGER
>         Sign aboard The World's Largest Literary Frigate:
>We would also like to invite you to sail on by a couple more websites
>affiliated with the online literary renaissance.
>                The World's Largest Literary Cafe
>              KILL DEVIL HILL
>At these sites you'll find over 300 discussion rooms devoted to the Great
>Books of the Western Canon.  And too, there are many other interactive
>literary features.  You can send someone a Shakespearean Sonnet Greeting
>Or sign up for the poem of the day at
>                    From The Western Canon University Convocation Speech
>                    . . .Thomas Jefferson's original ideal conception of the
>                    University of Virginia consisted of an institution
>                    where attendance would not be taken, where there
>                    would be no formal classes, and where scholars and
>                    students would be free to come and go during a
>                    perpetual conversation centered about the Greats.
>                    His ideal assumed a noble view of man's natural
>                    intellectual inclinations, and we share Jefferson's
>                    fundamental philosophy. We believe men are taught
>                    far more effectively by inspiration than by coercion,
>                    and that the greatest teachers are not those who
>                    prostelytyze, but rather those who write the Great
>                    Books, or humbly point us in their direction. . . At
>                    Western Canon University we look forward to having
>                    volunteer tutors preside over the discussion forums,
>                    lead the debates, and suggest passages, works, and
>                    volumes of criticism which might be of particular
>                    interest to scholars of the Western Soul. We hope
>                    that you utilize our over one hundred lecture halls and
>                    precept areas as supplements to your college
>                    assignments. You can come to our campus
>                    throughout your entire life for your education . . .If
>                    you would like to become a tutor at Western Canon
>                    University, please let us know with which author or
>                    work your passions lie, and we'll let you captain a
>                    Lecture Hall. Drop us a line at
>          , and we'll provide you
>                    with a password that will allow you to moderate the
>                    discussion. Your primary duty will be to enjoy
>                    yourself. . .

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