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Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 09:14:44 -0600
Subject: Re: PLC: Online Dark Ages

>> It is sort of interesting that Eliot is often taken as a conservative poet,
>>  but all one has to do is listen carefully to his poetry deconstructing what
>>  it appears to lament the loss of to find the, in spite of himself, high
>>  romantic modernist, who would, I hope, roll over in his grave at  being so
>>  classified.
>>  T.S, T.S.
>Tsk tsk Geroge. I  almost approve of what you said, for once.  If you actually
>see this, it makes up for a lot, provided you don't skewer me again on your

I do so yearn for your approval. And I have, oh so much to make up for.
Nevertheless,I suspect you misunderstood me. Be that as it may, I can
hardly take credit for the notion. It is the staple of the way Bloom
succeeds in taking Eliot seriously rather than as, what he thought he was,
a conservative (Anglo-Catholic, etc.), and what those without the breadth
of Bloom's vision classified him as, a knee-jerk reactionary.

I would endorse what Howard offers concerning trusting the poet, not the man.

You offer peace, say Tsk tsk, and classify my weapon as a machete? Machetes
are used to chop bush and cut cane.  Straight razors, parking lot. One A.m.


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