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Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 14:06:19 -0400
Subject: PLC: Re: FLUXLIST: Request for Information: Manifestoes

 I want to thank everyone for the help-- but

>> The magazine NY Art has asked me to prepare a  time line of art(ists)
>> manifestoes beginning with Courbet's Realist Manifesto.  The plan is to
>> publish the time line with excerpts from the various  declarations,  the
>> first part  ( the historical section is to be published this summer) part
>> two  the contemporary manifestoes   ( since the 1950's) will be published
>> in  Sept.  Given the short notice, I would appreciate you all searching
>> your memories as well as your libraries for  relevant  material and
>> references -- the more obscure the better. it would also be most helpful
>>if in the case of  the more obscure manifestoes -- if you can supply some
>>reference ie. either source or  When, where and whom.
>>  I would also appreciate it this  could be cross posted to other other
>> lists.

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