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Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:17:49 -0400
Subject: PLC: new poetry

Anybody read any new poetry lately?

You may enjoy "Dark Sky Question" by Larissa Szporluk (Beacon Press).  
Here's a section of a poem called Flight of the Mice:

No one sees what they'll need to survive.
No one sees the dreams thicken and rise
like the old foundation, the pieces of life
that were good, that stood the strong weather,
the one with the other, us, inside,
that intrudes on you now as you reach
what they reached, a waste as effaced as the sky, 
their eyes overworked with their fabulous
loss, concrete as the race against time.

Szporluk is a refreshing new voice, especially to those glut on the

Regards to all,
Eric Yost 

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