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Could anyone please enlighten me as to the meaning of solar imagery in literature?  This would greatly assist me in understanding Ben Jonson's  'Panegyre'  and Thomas Dekker's  'The Magnificent Entertainment'  both of which were written to celebrate King James' succession to the English throne. I am required to complete a close critical analysis of these poems as my final piece of work for my degree course in Literature, paying particular attention to the political import of the solar imagery.  Any advice regarding the image of the sun would be greatly appreciated.  I have already investigated the Roman god 'Sol' and a visit to my library tomorrow to refer to  'The Dictionary of Symbolism'  may throw further light on the matter (pun intended). However, individual ideas about solar imagery will also help me. I have summised the new light shining on England, bringing the country hope after the warring Elizabethan times, but that is about all.
Thanking you in anticipation! Becky Foster, University of Portsmouth U.K. 
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