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Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 11:39:07 -0400
Subject: Re: PLC: Imagery

George Trail wrote:
> the sun, post Socrates, is standard for the "one" truth, the "one"
> absolute, or as Socrates calls it, simply, the "one."

	Plotinus might be even a better source for this interpretation.

> This is why Whitman won't get up to the sun's time, and Lawrence talks
> about the "dark" sun behnd the sun.  Why Whitman says that there are
> millions of suns left--it specifically denies absolute truth as set down by
> the Greek idealist.

Not that there's one, interpretation of it -- I think GT has the 'mainstream'
interpretation -- but Nietzsche speaks of high noon in Thus Spoke Zarathustra as
the moment of decision, of highest/greatest power.  The validity of this
interpretation of the sun at its peak is, of course, corroborated by the
immortal phrase "High Noon at the OK Corral."

Of course, if you want to go Greek, the sun was the charriot of Apollo, the god
of healing and life-giving force.


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