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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 20:38:42 -0700
Subject: Re: PLC: Electric Animal

There is an odd statement claiming to be Lippit's thesis, and I am not sure if
it is correct, but I have always found morality bound to mortality. The
sentence is this:

Akira Mizuta Lippit wrote:

> Lippit arrives at a
> remarkable thesis, revealing an extraordinary consensus in Western thought:
> Animals do not have language, and hence cannot die.

I suppose language is something only moral mortal beings (animals) are capable
of inventing, but it is not essential to their mortality, nor does its absence
immortalize their being. I am pointing this out to stimulate conversation, not
to be merely "picky" about words. The book sounds interesting, but possibly
limited in audience - so, I am curious.

Peter Rugh

(unpublished philosophy student)

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