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Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 14:36:39 -0400
Subject: Re: PLC: space


Before I gush forth on space (one of my hobbyhorses), I'd mention a few

Maurice Blanchot, not only in his The Space of  Literature, but in all his
owrks, is certainly one of the most important literary theorists when it comes
to space.  He very much influced Foucault, whose earlier incarnation had a great
deal to say about space (see his Raymond Roussel, for example).  Louis Marin's
Utopics: Spatial Play is also an excellent book.  From a different angle, Edward
Casey's recent work, including Getting Back into Place (place and space not
being identical) is a fine phenomenological work.  And alll over in Deleuze --
like A Thousand Plateaus -- is a very spacey book.


Kaley Joyes wrote:

> I've been enjoying the mini-lists of texts and authors people are reading,
> teaching, and reccomending.  Good to know so much theory is being worked by
> so many, including undergrad classes.  I'm a grad student quite interested
> in critical theory, and lately have been working with ideas of space,
> physical and otherwise, in post-structuralists (including Irigaray, Lyotard,
> and Levinas).  I've been looking for further research materials.  Seems like
> everyone mentions conceptions of space, and I'm not sure where to dive in.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Or we could just chat about
> post-structural space, whatever that is.
> Kaley
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