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Subject: Re: PLC: Re: delillo underworld
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 12:28:49 +1100

Hi Troy
You asked: 
> Writing a novel? What about? I'm working on my fifth.

Hard to explain. A bit complex plot wise but it starts as a road
novel about two young guys who meet, become friends, one is busted
trying to buy a decent supply of heroin, gets away when the bust is
bungled by the police (not uncommon) and they flee across inland New
South Wales, Australia... and wierd things start happening from
there.... working title is Swindle; a swindler is a story teller.

Currently working on the opening chapters which I want to shimmer
like poetry and get the reader in hook, line and sinker. Also have to
do heaps of research, hence my wondering into D&G, for some way out
ideas. I am writing this from a small rural town in NSW, on the edge
of the outback. My first novel, I have been stewing on for almost 10

Prior to that I had a small poetry book published (The times
of Zenia Gold) and worked as an editor on a magazine for injecting
drug users called "NUAA News", designed to stop the spread of
HIV/AIDS, in Sydney. So, not well published in the literary field,
aside from some anthologies and journals. (Making it into small
anthology, Eros in Boystown, edited by Michael Lassell, Crown/Random
House NY, had me right over the moon that ML had even read my little
book, as I really admire some of his poems.)

Chris Jones

ps Have you thought aboout publishing on the web? I am thinking about
putting Zenia Gold on it, complete with some MP3 readings of the
poems. Don't have the time to spare right now.

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