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Subject: PLC: Re: delillo underworld
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 14:33:57 +1100

On reading DeLillo, Underworld, the first chapter, the baseball game-
it struck me that the bat hitting the ball, the ball flying in a
parabolic curve into the crowd could be a trope and poetic image of

Could this possibly be another take on Leibniz in the sense that point
of view in realist fiction has a debt to Leibniz's philosophical
writings. In DeLillo a sort of line of history as parabolic. All
the ordinary points along that line, the dx/dy of the line, in
Leibniz calculus terms,  are singular points of history, the
historic and in DeLillo a trope of history. A poetic image of
history. A history fiction, perhaps.

Anyone else interested in DeLillo's Underworld? Other thinking re
this book?

Chris Jones.

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