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Subject: PLC: ToC:  ANGELAKI  6.3:  General  Issue  2001

journal of the theoretical humanities

"Fearless and inventive, this journal has reset the agenda for the
theoretical humanities."
-- Peggy Kamuf, University of Southern California, USA

Angelaki 6.3, the 2001 general issue, is now out. Contents list below.

The deadline for submission of material for consideration for the 2002
general issue is February 28.

Special issues published this year: _Subaltern Affect_ (6.1, edited by
J. Beasley-Murray and A. Moreiras), _Gift, Theft, Apology_ (6.2, edited
by C.V. Boundas).

Thank you -- Gerard Greenway, managing editor

volume 6 number 3 december 2001
issue editor: Pelagia Goulimari


Editorial Introduction
-- Pelagia Goulimari

Never Before, Always Already: Notes on Agamben and the Category of
-- Alexander Garcia Duttmann

Photography and the Exposure of Community: Sharing Nan Goldin and Jean-
Luc Nancy
-- Louis Kaplan (photographs by Nan Goldin)

Cave Paintings and Wall Writings: Blanchot's Signature
-- Lars Iyer

To Follow a Snail: Experimental Empiricism and the Ethic of Minor
-- Peter Trnka

Placing the Void: Badiou on Spinoza
-- Sam Gillespie

In the Space of the Cursor: An Introduction to John Kinsella's "A New
-- Philip Mead

A New Lyricism: Some Early Thoughts on Linguistic Disobedience
-- John Kinsella

Foucault's Evasive Maneuvers: Nietzsche, Interpretation, Critique
-- Samuel A. Chambers

The Aesthetics of Affect: Thinking Art Beyond Representation
-- Simon O'Sullivan

Judgment is Not an Exit: Toward an Affective Criticism of Violence with
_American Psycho_
-- Marco Abel

The Comedy of Philosophy: Bataille, Hegel and Derrida
-- Lisa Trahair

Humanism After Auschwitz: Reflections on Jean Amery's _Freitod_
-- Andrew McCann

Human Rights, Humanism and Desire
-- Costas Douzinas

        .... DEBATE* .... 

Just Hoaxing: A Reply to Margaret Soltan's "Hoax Poetry in America"
(Angelaki 5.1: _Poets on the Verge_)
-- Bill Freind

The Bicameral Mind: Response to Bill Freind's "Just Hoaxing"
-- Margaret Soltan

        * We encourage the submission of responses to work published in
        the journal. These will be considered for publication in the
        annual general issue.

_Angelaki: journal of the theoretical humanities_ publishes two special
issues and one general/open issue per volume. For full details on
_Angelaki_, submission information and contents listings of volumes 2 to
6, please visit the journal's website at:

The journal has been available online as well as in print since volume 5
(2000). An electronic sample is available at the website. Click on the
sample copy link in the listing at the top of the home page
(registration required).

Gerard Greenway

managing editor
journal of the theoretical humanities

36A Norham Road
Oxford  OX2 6SQ
United  Kingdom

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