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> > > 
> > > Whats the 
> > > fucking point of a really extensive (and
> vacuous)
> > > category? 
> > > 
> > categories , concepts, theory, etc are just part
> of
> > life as one lives it in its passing over us and i
> > think because of human intelectual capacity they
> come
> > to us perhaps even wheter we like it or not. 
> no shit. did you have to think about that reply for
> very long? or did you save 
> time by just skimming the text without really
> reading it? i asked a specific 
> question - whats the point of a caterogy that is so
> 'all-encompasing' that its 
> meaningless? not what is a category...   
my response was whats the point of asking whats the
point of this category?

> > anyway this
> > activity is just bound to happen just as trees
> will
> > grow. asking "Whats the 
> > > fucking point of a really extensive (and
> vacuous)
> > > category? " 
> > indeed seems to me is aking whats the point of
> trees
> > growing?
> um, yeh. or then again, perhaps you could try
> thinking about what i wrote 
> first. then you would probably see that you have
> made an obvious category 
> error. i asked a question about a specific category,
> not all categories. the 
> question is nothing like 'what is the point of
> trees'. it is more like 'who 
> does the industrialisation of foresty in the form of
> soft pine plantations in 
> eastern victoria (australian state) serve?' i.e., it
> is a matter of asking 
> not 'what is the nature?' but 'how does the category
> work in practice?'

the impulse to attempt to understand "what are
categories?" is perhaps my impulse againts excesively
pragamtic rationalistic view of things which what you
wrote, kind of showed. but well part of the answer to
"how does a category work in practice" is inside the
question "what is a category?"

> these though indeed it is rather healthy to
> > petit bourgoise like us interested in producing
> and
> > discussing theory in making us think that theory
> or
> > like marx said "philosophy" does not really change
> the
> > world. 
> horseshit - of course it does. concepts are things
> just like any other things. 
> they are fashioned and deployed. maybe its a petit
> bourgoise thing, no wonder i 
> i get the comment above...

it was the intention of hurting humanist and iluminist
(petit bourgois) exessive faith in the power of ideas
and the limiting of the struggle inside philosophy
(the greman
> <there was a vague rant here>
> the rant that was here amounted to little more than
> bourgoise nhilism IMHO - oh 
> woe is me the world is terrible, lets all put our
> feet up get comfortable and 
> read derrida. ironically, the point of my text was
> that notions like The Left 
> and the multitudes serve to 'rein in' the desires
> and dissent of bodies in 
> revolt, thereby blunting the challenge to capitalism
> and the state and allowing 
> it to recuperate the energy and creativity of those
> bodies. oh well,

perhaps that could have been the intention of its
authors but why should everyone go ahead with the
authors intentionality. since there is no more a
soviet union communist party dictating whats should
the worlds left should think then "multitudes" and
"the left" could be one more of many ways of
"challenging capitalism and the state". but well some
delimitation with words like "the left" or
"multitudes" is nessesary. think on multinationals and
governments sponsoring or somehow involved in
something like the World Social Forum. 

> -- 
> sig/

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