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Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 12:06:36 -0400
Subject: Re: [postanarchism] Lewis Call: "Postmodern Anarchism"

I just requested a copy through my local university library.
The references to cyberpunk makes me a little wary - but,
hey those old 3133t memes never seem to go away - but
it should be interesting to see some - presumably positive -
treatment of Baudrillard.

I should be able to give some sort of a review in a week
or so.


"J.M. Adams" wrote:

> There is a new book out called "Postmodern Anarchism"
> by Lewis Call - unfortunately, like Saul Newman's book
> it is extremely expensive and there does not seem to
> be a paperback version. Try the library. Anyone have
> this guy's email address? I want to pitch him for the
> postanarchism anthology and see if he is interested.
> ***
> Call, Lewis
> "Postmodern Anarchism"
> Published       United States Lexington Books 2002
> Descript.       159p
> Contents
> Introduction: The Postmodern Matrix --
> 1. Toward an Anarchy of Becoming: Nietzsche --
> 2. A Thought Outside the State: Foucault --
> 3. The Gift of Postmodern Anarchism: Baudrillard --
> 4. Anarchy in the Matrix: William Gibson and Bruce
> Sterling
>  Something for Everyone, May 1, 2003
> Reviewer: from San Luis Obispo, CA United States You
> don't need to know much about postmodernism or
> anarchism to understand this book - but if you like
> The Matrix, cyberpunk, and/or philosophy, it's a great
> read!
> This book is about seeing things from a different
> perspective, and learning a few of the ways science
> fiction authors like William Gibson and Bruce Sterling
> have influenced our society.
> I recommend this book for people who are looking to
> learn a little bit about why authors write the things
> they write.


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