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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 22:28:53 -0400
Subject: [postanarchism] (en) The Politics of Postanarchism

By Saul Newman

In recent years radical politics has been faced with a number of new
challenges, not least of which has been the reemergence of the
aggressive, authoritarian state in its new paradigm of security and
bio-politics. The 'war on terror' serves as the latest guise for the
aggressive reassertion of the principle state sovereignty, beyond the
traditional limits imposed on it by legal institutions or democratic
polities. Coupled with this has been the hegemony of neo-liberal
projects of capitalist globalization, as well as the ideological
obscurantism of the so-called Third Way. The profound disillusionment in
the wake of the collapse of Communist systems nearly two decades ago has
resulted in a political and theoretical vacuum for the radical Left,
which has generally been ineffective in countering the rise of the Far
Right in Europe, as well as a more insidious 'creeping conservatism'
whose dark ideological implications we are only just beginning to see

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