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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 15:19:03 +1000
Subject: [postanarchism] reader submissions for SOE in Melbourne wanted

State of Emergency : Call for Articles

As part of the upcoming State of Emergency conference in Melbourne we will
publish a paper of articles and images that attempt to come to grips with the
changing political terrain in Australia. We are looking for articles between 500
and 1500 words dealing with the permanent state of emergency we live in: the war
on terror and the politics of fear, the new conditions of neo-liberalism and
austerity politics, the changing nature of work - casualisation, immaterial
labour etc., borders and sovreignty, ecological crisis, media saturation and
manipulation, and movements of refusal and creation that go beyond NGO and
parliamentry forms of organising. For more see the below and the 
state of emergency website

Due to space limitations we cannot publish everything but will include other
submissions in articles/images in the online reader.

Articles/art works are needed by the 4th of May if they wish to be included in
the paper.

Email to 



Armed guards patrol 'civilian' aircraft. Travellers from suspicious states
entering the USA are fingerprinted and photographed. Anti-terror laws allow
anyone to be arrested without warrants or legal representation. Arms budgets
inflate. The US runs a police state in Iraq while Australia becomes the
'sheriff' of the Asia-Pacific: interning its unwanted visitors here, providing
military intervention there. Fear of the 'invading hordes' is the law. For the
rulers of the global empire, the time since 9/11/2001 has been a 'state of

But for the exploited, the poor, the different, the disenfranchised, nothing
much has changed. Capitalism has always manufactured panics. It has always
exploited our bodies, our minds, our time, our creativity, the planet on which
we live. It has always forced us to move or given us no choice but to flee,
reclassified us as illegal to suit its needs, barricaded itself against our
strength and life and designed ever more spurious 'threats' to the state in
order to shut down its people. Our daily lives are just as difficult as before.
The state of emergency is not the exception, but the rule.

In response to this, we invite you to join us in creating a real state of
emergency -- an emergency borne of our resistance, our desire, our need to seize
control of the conditions of our lives and our city.

State of Emergency is a series of workshops, forums and ad hoc events that will
happen over four days during May 2004 in Melbourne. It will be a space in which
we can share tactics and skills for disruption. A space in which we can talk,
find connections, think, learn, engage, dance, make art, make out. We want to
bring it all together for a few days of grace -- and we want you there.

State of Emergency will reclaim an inner-city warehouse, squat it and make it
public for four days. It will be meeting-place, bar, cafe, cinema, music hall,
accommodation, playspace. We do this as a declaration of our intent to reclaim
our worlds and our lives. We squat to resist private property, to create an
autonomous space, organised without bureacracy.

We will be holding panel discussions, screenings, music, and other random
events. But we want to make the time open for your participation and input. Run
a workshop, make a puppet, make some art, show a film, give a performance, hold
a discussion. We want this to be an open space, a space created by the people
who enter it.

State of Emergency will happen from the 21 - 24 May, 2004

Too many of the current 'oppositional' organisations  parliamentary parties,
non-government orgnisations, 'activist' groups  think resistance means taking
on the role of creators of a future, more 'humane' state'. We want to create a
space where resistance can mean something else.

Our aim is to draw together a number of threads from different struggles and
interweave them. Some of the threads we invite you to think about are: The
Meaning of Sovereignty -- indigenous independence, land, statehood, freedom of
movement and identity politics; War Everywhere -- wars not just in Iraq and on
Terror but on freedoms supposedly guaranteed by 'democracy', wars on people
without land and people without money; Precariousness and Survival -- the coming
ubiquity of casual work, the alienation and atomisation of our daily lives,
submerged in infotainment and reality TV; green movements and their collisions
with trade unions.


Please help us make the State of Emergency real. We need people to invent
workshop ideas, panel ideas, skill-sharing ideas, games, actions, possibilities,
situations, dances, secret handshakes, screening programs, art and decoration,
music to play. We need volunteers to help with childcare, cleaning up,
audiovisual equipment, furniture, food, drink, communications and anything else
you can think of to contribute. We need bodies, to reclaim the squat and protect
it. We need your input and your help to pull this thing off.

call the infodesk on 0400 655 014;
or bring your ideas to a weekly meeting --3pm Saturdays at Irene Community
Warehouse, 5 Pitt St Brunswick (off Lygon st)


We are a bunch of loosely connected people based in Melbourne who have worked
together around things like: undocumented migration and freedom of movement,
squatting and social centres, anti-capital and anti-state action, media activist
projects and other struggles. We organise using principles of autonomy and

Mailing Address: PO Box 127, East Brunswick 3057. 
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