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Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 11:36:59 -0800
Subject: Re: [postanarchism] Post-A Weblog? (ALREADY EXISTS!)

I believe that Johnny may be asking for two complementary things...

Being on an email list that is interesting and filled with thoughtful 
posts is an ardous task. If you do not have a hell of a lot of free time 
for reading books/journals that you are interested in, reading 'new' 
material (to me at least) is that much harder. The volume (and mostly 
the quality) of this material on this list is significant.

Reviewing that material in an 'email archive' form is even less likely 
to happen (unless you are looking something up) than reading the emails 
as they arrive. It's not that it can't happen, just that it probably 
will not.

If you are interested in the conversation, what are you to do? The 
strength of the blog is that it structurally transforms the level of 
discussion (for better or worse). I believe that a blog that included 
-some- reprints from the list, some discussion back and forth, and 
people ideas of what 'post-anarchism' is would exemplify this kind of 
transformed discussion.

I know that I generally surf in an erratic, obsessive, and not deep way. 
Keeping up with a blog, and its conversational tone, might allow me to 
access the themes more organically (cough). But I guess, for me, it 
really depends on the quality and thinking behind the posts and posters.

I am easily spooked by academics, crimethinc-ers, and creeping marxism...


J.M. Adams wrote:

> Maybe I dont know what you are referring to here, but
> there is already an online archive at
> - just as with the old
> Yahoo listserv, you can join this list as web only, so
> that you can still post but not get stuff in your
> inbox, which is what I my settings as - to find out
> how to do it, just go to
> under postanarchism and
> follow the instructions, its quite easy.
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