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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 20:36:01 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [postanarchism] re: Mueller: "Will The Destruction Be Constructive?

No big deal and I was not personally offended as it is
not my paper, so no need to apologize to me, I just
think it would be nice to hear more in depth critique
and discussion - its not like I haven't thought the
same thing about some things that have come across on
here, but I would not generally type something like
that in, I guess I just wanted to emphasize the need
for a little more openness on all sides... the
question about academicization is a good thing to talk
about though, if you want to - but like I said I think
that the Killing King Abacus stuff is based in alot of
the same ideas, so I don't know, and its not like
Mueller's paper was especially difficult to understand
or anything. As for repeating ideas expressed in zines
in an academic framework, I don't really have a
problem with that, from my perspective, the more the
virus spreads the better - it may not add much to the
activist milieu who reads zines but I think it is
useful in other spaces perhaps?



===="Being at one is god-like and good, but human, too human, the 
     Which insists there is only the One, one country, one truth and
         one way."

- Friedrich Hölderlin, 1799

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