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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 14:30:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: [postanarchism] Dunphy: "The 'New International' as An-Arche"

The reason Derrida isn't leading to any new "justice" is because the
"justice" of Derrida remains rather status quo and does not realize a
radical nonvioelnce, which would in turn be part of things he simpy has no
interest in doing, no matter the stakes or necessities. It appears to me
to be quite corrupt. The essence of justice is not in these various
tortions of the fae, the other, etc., but nonviolence. All Derrida can say
of nonviolence is that, if totalized it is the end of the world. The work
of nonviolence needs to be done. What Derrida does so radically and nearly
completely coopts thought and its potential that this must be noted and
held against. I say it SOOO poorly but it is true. To invoke Derrida here,
virtually anywhere, is to invoke a Program that puts so such an end to
thougt, to programs, explorations, "infinite tasks" that must and should
remain infinite indeed, that there is no hope for either thought or
nonviolence at all. 

But of course you can shoot me and get rid of this, and beside, with
barely breath I can only articulate this in a dirty way, like rough
threads worn by some crawling thing. Perhaps I am wrong but I am proud at
least to register this tiny protest. It is a mistake how this happens,
unfolds, what happens in this discours you so ably unfold here. 

Tom Blancato


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