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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 15:20:14 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [postanarchism] Derrida is Dead

hos linkmis. tam weblog havasi. kisisel, teorik, icice. 
derrida oldu meydan baudrillard'a kaldi! 
baudrillardciligin zirve donemi olabilir bu donem:)

Matt Christie <> wrote:
For a rare thoughtful piece, please see href="">here.


On Sat, 9 Oct 2004 13:54:59 -0700 (PDT), Jason Michael Adams
> October 9, 2004
> Derrida, French Father of Deconstructionism, Dies at
> 74
> Filed at 1:30 p.m. ET
> PARIS (Reuters) - French philosopher Jacques Derrida,
> the founder of the school of deconstructionism, has
> died of cancer at the age of 74, France Info radio
> said on Saturday.
> It said Algerian-born Derrida had died on Friday of
> cancer of the pancreas.
> Derrida, who divided his time between France and the
> United States, argued that the traditional way we read
> texts makes a number of false assumptions and that
> they have multiple meanings which even their author
> may not have understood.
> His thinking gave rise to the school of
> deconstruction, a method of analysis that has been
> applied to literature, linguistics, philosophy, law
> and architecture.
> It is heralded as showing the multiple layers of
> meaning at work in language, but was described by
> critics as nihilistic.
> ``In him, France gave the world one of the greatest
> contemporary philosophers, one of the major figures in
> the intellectual life of our time,'' French President
> Jacques Chirac said in a statement after learning of
> his death.
> ``Through his work, he sought to find the free
> movement which lies at the root of all thinking.''
> Born into a Jewish family in El-Biar in Algeria on
> July 15, 1930, Derrida began studying philosophy at
> the elite Ecole Normale Superieure in 1952 and taught
> at Paris's Sorbonne University from 1960 to 1964.
> From the early 1970s, Derrida spent much of his time
> teaching in the United States, at such universities as
> Johns Hopkins, Yale and the University of California
> at Irvine.
> His work focused on language. Challenging the idea
> that a text has an unchangeable meaning, Derrida said
> the author's intentions cannot be accepted
> unconditionally and that this means each text can have
> multiple meanings.
> His ideas were seen as showing unavoidable tensions
> between the ideals of clarity and coherence that
> govern philosophy.
> He was seen as the inheritor of ``anti-philosophy,''
> the school of thought of predecessors such as Sigmund
> Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger.
> Derrida's work was at times controversial. Some staff
> at Britain's Cambridge University protested when the
> university proposed awarding him an honorary degree in
> 1992, though he did eventually receive it.
> In the early 1980s he was detained when he left his
> Prague hotel room for the airport after displeasing
> Czechoslovakia's Communist authorities by giving a
> lecture on deconstructionist theory.
> Derrida was once married to Sylvaine Agacinski, who is
> now the wife of former Socialist Prime Minister Lionel
> Jospin. Derrida and Agacinski had one son.
> ====> "Politics is the highest form of popular culture, and we who create the contemporary European pop culture consider ourselves politicians"
> - Neue Slowenische Kunst

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