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Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 02:30:00 -0500
Subject: cultural imperialism, modernization, and film


	Just after World War II it was thought that the importation of American 
films was causally related to the industrialization and political 
development of Third World countries. This was consistent with 
modernization theory's emphasis on cultural traditions and norms as the 
primary makers or breakers of a country's chances for progress into 
modernity. Later, "cultural imperialism" theorists responded with fiery 
critiques to this hypothesis. More recently, the cultural imperialism 
thesis is itself coming under attack.

I wonder if the decline of cultural imperialism theory has also meant the 
disappearance of its important critique of the modernization perspective. I 
am seeking any scholarly articles that address this topic as it relates to 
film. Also, I would appreciate any leads to government documents (coming 
out of the American Department of Commerce, for example) that combine 
economic development initiatives with the ideological influence of media 
exports such as film.

My paper is due next week so I thank anyone with knowledge to share about 
the relationship between Hollywood and Third World "development".

Andres Luco 

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