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Subject: Radio-Canada to air documentary on racism within French-Canadian cultural 
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 16:35:38 -0800

17 December, 2000

RE: Radio-Canada to air documentary on racism within French-Canadian
cultural institutions

Dear List members:

I proposed that Radio-Canada do a documentary on racism within
French-Canadian cultural institutions.

Jean Pelletier, Head of Radio-Canada, has promised me that my proposed
documentary will air the first week of January 2001.

It took two years to get them to conduct interviews. *And months after
completion to set an air date.* Radio-Canada researchers dismissed my claims
of racism in French-Canadian institutions, even when I provided them with
facts (mentioned below).

Journalist Bertrand Hall interviewed me as well others.

Anglo Montreal CBC has still refuses to acknowledge racism in Quebec
culture. CBC Region Head, Janet Irwin, is *extremely* reluctant to touch
this issue. The anglos have their share of jobs in Quebec culture and are
unwilling to do anything whatsoever. WHITE PRIVILEGE MUST NOT BE QUESTIONED.

First week of January -- look out for it.


Julian Samuel


I expect them to deal with racism in the same way as they deal with poverty:

Julian Samuel, Phone: 514 284 0431, E-mail:

30 October, 2000

Jean Pelletier, Head, Radio-Canada, Montreal, Canada.

RE: Radio-Canada's Zone Libre  and "La pauvreté en héritage"

Dear Jean Pelletier:

Jean-François Lépine's documentary on poverty ("La pauvreté en héritage,"
Zone Libre, 29 October) did not fully develop the view that budget cuts to
social spending produce poverty. Lépine and crew show *how* the poor suffer
not *why* poverty exists in Quebec. Is it not more socially advanced to show
"why" people are becoming poorer?
"Social democrat" André Boisclair, PQ Ministère for  Solidarité sociale
(sic), was not questioned in this documentary. If Boisclair himself is not
accountable for poverty then who is? The poor themselves? Yes, it must be.
Journalism of this kind (Zone Libre) is superficial, unethical and
intentionally blind. "60 Minutes" or "W5" are rarely this shallow when
dealing with such pertinent questions.
Radio-Canada's celebrity journalists are paid over $150, 000.00 per annum
for making gushy and voyeuristic documentaries like "La pauvreté en

The average wardrobe budget for star Radio-Canada journalists is about
$6000.00 per annum. An individual on welfare receives a paltry $5424 per

The PQ's hallucinatory use of the concept "Social Democracy" should have
been part of this documentary on poverty. Would the poor get poorer in a
separate Quebec?
Radio-Canada's craven journalists ought to have detailed *why* poverty
exists. Did these journalists learn how to make ethical judgements on the
floor of the stock exchange? Can you, Jean Pelletier, justify their towering
salaries and lavish expense accounts when such mediocrity prevails year
after year?

Julian Samuel,

CRTC, National newspapers and The Internet

"Heureusement que les monarques vont parfois trop loin, sinon ils ne
tomberaient jamais."

"Léon l'Africain" Amin Maalouf, 1986

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