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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 01:34:08 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Israeli occupation soldiers shoot a Palestinian poet 

Israeli occupation soldiers shoot a Palestinian poet

10 July, 2001

Palestine Media Center-PMC

In the afternoon of July 10, 2001, poet Ahmad Yacub was shot and injured
by a bullet, which penetrated his waist. Israeli occupation soldiers
started shooting heavily towards the Baytal Shiir forum building where,
inside, Ahmad Yakub was sitting at a table writing poetry. The shooting
came from the Israeli settlement of Psagot so Ahmad was immediately
taken to the hospital. Ahmad Yacub, a Palestinian poet born in Al Yarmook
refugee camp in Syria, returned to Palestine in 1999.

The Palestinian poet is now lying in the hospital, suffering from the
bullet wound and surrounded by his wife and friends. The bullet penetrated
Ahmad's abdomen and went out from the other side. Beyond this, shrapnel
also hit his right arm, causing several other wounds. The injury in
Ahmad's arm will make him incapable of writing anything, including his
beloved poetry, for quite a while.

Palestinian houses and buildings neighboring the Psagot settlement are
often subjected to such heavy gunfire. Israeli settlers and soldiers from
this settlement frequently, and without provocation, shoot live ammunition
towards unarmed civilians and their homes.

Although Ahmad's life was not lost, other innocent Palestinians lose their
lives and property on a daily basis. Such senseless acts of terrorism must
be stopped.

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